Electronic application

DSign: the fastest, most reliable way to submit your business!

Say hello to DSign and say goodbye to delays and returned applications. With its user-friendly interface and simple, step-by-step process, D-Sign ensures that your application is complete and sent directly to the New Business department. The optional electronic signature means even faster service.

This interactive form will adapt itself automatically to the product chosen and the answers provided by your client. Also, mandatory information is clearly identified, and colour-coded fields tell you when there is incorrect or missing information.

98% of Desjardins Insurance products are compatible with DSign.

The exception is:

  • The new Solo Essential Disability Income


Form: Electronic Application Appendix

Important: In order to submit applications via DSign, you must use the Electronic Application Appendix form (13231E). It contains tear-off sections that you must give to your clients to finalize the sale. It also contains a signing page if not using the electronic signature option. Copies of this form will be available at your financial center.