Essential Passive Income Concept (EPIC)

A corporate passive income solution designed with precision

Desjardins Insurance’s Essential Passive Income Concept (EPIC) is a flexible, strategic planning approach that provides a tailored suite of solutions that can help your clients reduce their company’s current and future taxes, provide comprehensive risk management tools, and enhance their estate and retirement options.

An integrated planning approach for business owners and incorporated professionals

The EPIC solution helps to minimize the impact of the passive income rules. As well, it’s designed to delineate the impact of losing access to the small business deduction (SBD). It includes:

This integrated triple solution approach is what makes EPIC a flexible and unique sales concept by Desjardins Insurance with industry leading tools for advisors to work with business owners and incorporated professionals.

What’s in it for your clients?

With EPIC, your business owner and incorporated professional clients can expect to:

Reduce corporate taxes

Mitigate financial risk

Enhance retirement
planning options

Provide efficient
estate transfers

This approach will help you assess the potential effects of the passive income rules on your client’s company.

Marketing material for clients

The EPIC client guide helps your clients understand the effects of the passive investment income rules and ways they can mitigate those effects.

EPIC client guide

Marketing material for advisors

These resources are available for you to better understand this new approach and how you can integrate it in your conversations with your clients.

EPIC Advisor Guide

EPIC report

EPIC research

EPIC planning process

EPIC questionnaire

EPIC checklist


To gain access to the marketing material for advisors and see if EPIC is the solution that could help you meet your client’s specific needs
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