Essential Passive Income Concept (EPIC)

The Essential Passive Income Concept (EPIC) is a flexible, strategic planning approach that provides a tailored suite of solutions that can help your clients reduce their company’s current and future taxes, provide comprehensive risk management tools, and enhance their estate and retirement options.

An integrated planning approach for business owners and incorporated professionals.

The Essential Passive Income Concept (EPIC) is a dynamic planning approach that will assist corporations address their long-term planning needs.

Available exclusively through Desjardins Insurance, EPIC will help differentiate advisors working in the corporate market. The goal of an EPIC strategy is to:

  • Improve corporate risk management
  • Enhance retirement planning options
  • Address taxation issues brought on by the passive investment income rules

EPIC is a concept that brings together well-known solutions in a format that:

  • Is client-friendly with a professional design
  • Is concise yet robust enough to bring to the accountant
  • Is customizable to the client’s specific needs
  • Outlines the need for an ongoing planning relationship


  • Helps reduce the impact on the corporation’s Small Business Deduction (SBD) due to the passive investment income rules
  • Enhances corporate liquidity in the case of a shareholder’s death or critical illness, if insurance is part of the solution
  • Reduces the corporation’s tax burden, resulting in significant cumulative tax savings
  • Improves retirement planning opportunities if an Individual Pension Plan or Corporate Insured Retirement Income Plan is part of the solution
  • Creates more planning flexibility for your client and their corporation, now and into the future

Applicable products


  • Corporate-owned life insurance: term, permanent, participating whole life, universal life – Term 10, 20 and Term to 100
  • Corporate-owned critical illness insurance: Health priorities – term and permanent
  • Executive Health Plan (EHP): Health priorities – business


  • Guarantee Advantage®

Retirement savings:

  • Individual Pension Plan (IPP)