Disability waiver of deposit

Issue ages (age nearest)

  • Age 18 to 55

Benefit amount

  • Minimum: $25 a month per insured
  • Maximum: $1,000 a month per insured

Coverage cost

  • Fixed - Guaranteed
  • Ceases to be payable when the insured person turns 60

Termination of coverage

  • Disability must occur before the end of the payment period, which is before the insured reaches the age of 60.
  • Benefit payments will cease at the earliest of:
    • the date at which the insured ceases to be disabled
    • insured's death
    • expiry of contract


  • The benefits are retroactive and will be paid after a waiting period of four months of total disability.
  • Total disability is defined as the insured’s inability to perform his main occupation during the first 24 months, and thereafter for any occupation he is reasonably suited for by way of education, training or experience acquired prior to the disability.