​SOLO Disability income

​SOLO Disability Income offers a monthly amount to replace your client’s income or salary in the event of a disability. This coverage allows them to focus on their recovery and not to worry about financial difficulties tied to income loss.


Main features

First $1,200 guaranteed for the first 36 months

No integration nor coordination for the first 36 months of a total disability.

Payment of monthly amount on the first day in the event of hospitalization or day surgery

The client is eligible to receive a monthly amount with no waiting period and as soon as the first day in the event of hospitalization or day surgery.

Amount payable at death

5x the selected monthly insurance amount (if the client dies while receiving disability monthly amounts).

Exchange privilege

The client can exchange SOLO Disability Income for SOLO Loan Insurance coverage during the first 7 years of the contract and based on the age at issue.

Target market

Traditional insurable employment:

  • Professionals
  • Independent self-employed workers
  • Business owners
  • Employees with or without group insurance