Life with Long-term care advance

In the case of death, a tax-free benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

In the case of loss of independence as of age 65 or 10 years after the contract is issued, whichever is later, Long-term Care Advance pays a monthly benefit equivalent to 1% of the life insurance amount up to a maximum of $2,500. This monthly benefit is tax-free and is payable 1 month after a 90 day waiting period.

The life insurance amount is reduced by the Long-term Care Advance benefit amount. If the life insurance amount is $250,000 or less and the Long-term Care Advance benefit has been paid, the insured's beneficiary will never receive less than 25% of the initial insurance amount. Consequently, the maximum amount payable is 125% of the initial insurance amount. If the life insurance amount is over $250,000, the insured's beneficiary will receive a minimum of 25% of the first $250,000 and all insurance in excess of that amount.

Therefore, the life insurance with Long-term Care Advance is two permanent plans in one, under the same contract.


Main features

Whole Life Guaranteed 20 Pay + Long-term Care Advance
Life insurance amountThe life insurance amount is reduced as monthly amounts are paid to the client.
Monthly amountPayable after the 90-day waiting period.
Complimentary assistance services

Based on their insurance coverage, complimentary assistance services are available at any time for your clients and their loved ones:

  • They can use them when times are good, or when times are bad.
  • 24/7 phone assistance service is also available.

* The assistance services are not a contractual obligation of Desjardins Insurance.

Competitive advantage

  1. This product is unique on the Canadian market; a competitor could hardly offer a better solution.
  2. You enable your clients to benefit from 100% of their life insurance coverage through their lifetime. These amounts can truly make a difference should they ever need daily care.
  3. Premiums are guaranteed.
  4. The underwriting for this product is no more complicated than life insurance. Clients accepted standard in life insurance will automatically qualify for Long-term Care Advance.