Combine Responsible Investment and the Unique Protections of Helios2

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise September 24, 2018

Get the best of both worlds: Since April 2018, the DFS guaranteed investment fund lineup has offered a way to combine responsible investments with the unique protections offered by the Helios2 Contract.

  • DFS GIF – Conservative – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Balanced – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Growth – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Maximum Growth – Desjardins SocieTerra

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Don't compromise on return potential

Responsible investment solutions offer a return potential that’s just as attractive as what you’d get with a traditional investment – sometimes even better! Confirmed by more than 2000 studies! 1

1 Gunnar Friede, Timo Busch & Alexander Bassen (December 2015), ESG & Corporate Financial Performance: Mapping the global landscape, Aggregated Evidence from more than 2,000 Empirical Studies, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and Hamburg University.

Desjardins, a pioneer in responsible investment

  • Nearly $3 billion in responsible investing assets under management2
  • Launch of the Desjardins Environment Fund in 1990 - the first of its kind in Canada.

2 As at October 31, 2017. Includes all responsible investment products offered by Desjardins Group.

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