The sales team in Quebec is growing!

Products & Concepts Expertise Department July 7, 2021

To better serve our advisors, we made some changes to the team in Quebec. Besides Julie Daigle, we added a new team member, Valérie St-Jean, as the regional sales director.

Valérie was a regional sales director at an insurance company for nearly 12 years. She has nearly 15 years of experience and is skilled at sales development.

As you may recall, Julie Daigle is a financial planner with a BAA in finance. She started her career as a financial security advisor serving the family market. She then served the business market and became a training advisor.

In order to better serve you and take into account the current market reality, our service offer will be divided by specialty instead of by region. By doing this, it will encourage an effective use of their expertise in the 2 areas:

Julie Daigle will be your contact person for any requests related to the business market and to high-net-worth client segments.

Phone: 418-647-5000 or 1-866-647‑5070, ext. 5503339
Cell: 418-571-0558
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Valérie St-Jean will provide support for any requests related to the family market. She will also be in charge of anything related to the advisor experience.

Phone: 514-350-8700, ext. 5574388

We believe that this structural change will have a positive impact for many of you. By adding a new member to the Quebec team, we'll be able to divide things so that we can provide specialized support for each specific area.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivana Magdic.

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