Reminder - Changes to DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise October 4, 2019

Announced in June, several new features for the DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds and the Helios2 Contract come into effect on October 7, 2019.

New Funds

Fund nameHelios2 ContractHelios ContractMillennia III –
New Era Contract
Millennia III –
Classic Contract
DFS GIF – Dividend Income – DesjardinsXXXX
DFS GIF – Global Tactical Bond – DesjardinsXX  
DFS GIF – Global Equity – DesjardinsXX  

Adjustments to the Investment Solutions

Modifications are being made to the Investment Solutions

  • We’ve eliminated the allocation to short-term bonds in all portfolios as part of a long-term strategic reflection on duration management. We concluded that duration positioning was already made by our managers at the fund level according to their short-term views.
  • We’ve changed the allocation between the two bond funds in order to better reflect the changes made to underlying funds over the course of the year and to better balance active risk.
  • We’ve proceeded to minor geographical allocation changes in equities to be in line with our updated forecasts and the model we use for strategic allocation.

Clarification of Procedure Upon the Notification of Annuitant’s Death

For all DFS GIFs Contract, we’ll also be clarifying our process for paying out amounts owing upon death, starting October 7, 2019. This will mean paying lower Additional Guarantee Fees, if applicable, on these amounts and limiting exposure to market volatility. To find out more, see the Contract and Information Folder.

Helios2 – 75/100 GLWB Guarantee in locked-in Contracts (LIRA, LIF, etc.)

Effective October 7, Helios2 – 75/100 GLWB will no longer be available when opening new locked-in Contracts. In addition, for all locked-in Contracts opened on or after October 7 with another Guarantee, no transfer of guarantee can be made to Helios2 – 75/100 GLWB at a later date..

Regulatory material and forms

The Contract and Information Folder as well as the contract proposals have been updated. You will receive copies from your financial center in the week of September 30.

Regulatory materialsEnglish versionFrench version
Contract Application 13137E 13137F
Contract Application Intermediary/Nominee Name (Available on webi only) 13138E 13138F
Contract Application TFSA 13139E 13139F
Statement of Direction 13140E 13140F
Contract and Information Folder 13188E 13188F

We will accept the previous versions of the applications until November 29, 2019.

Sales material

The following documents were updated You will receive printed copies to your financial center in the week of October 14. In the meantime, please refer to the PDF versions in the Sales Material section.

Materials for clientsEnglish versionFrench version
DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds leaflet 18029E 18029F
Materials for repsEnglish versionFrench version
Representative’s Guide 13185E 13185F
Quick Reference Guide 13186E 13186F
Investment Solutions 19074E 19074F
Fund Chart – DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds 13244E 13244F

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise