Replacement of the DFS Guaranteed Investment Fund management system: Documents available in Clients Documents

Client Service, Savings April 18, 2022

As previously announced, we have replaced our system used to administer Helios2, Helios, Millennia III and Imperial Growth Plan Guaranteed investment fund contracts during the April 15 to April 17, 2022 weekend.

We wish to inform you of a few changes occurring with this migration.

New documents in Clients Documents

New documents will be available in Clients Documents application. In addition to the copy of your clients’ last investment statement, which can already be accessed, the following documents will gradually be made available for Guaranteed investment funds:

Transaction notices
  • The financial transaction notices (deposits, withdrawals, fund changes, etc.) will be deposited gradually as of April 18.
  • The non-financial transaction notices (change of beneficiary, change of guarantee) will be deposited as of early July.
  • Please note that paper copies will no longer be sent to branches as of April 18.
Tax slips
  • The transactional tax slips (RRSP contributions, RRIF withdrawals, etc.) will be deposited gradually as of April 18.
  • The year-end tax slips (T3, RL-16, NR4, etc.) will be deposited for the first time in February/March 2023.
  • This is something new, as tax slips were not available to advisors previously.
Maturity notice letter
  • From now on, the maturity notice letters will be deposited in the same place as the other documents. The maturity notice letter informs that the maturity date (10 years or 15 years) is approaching.
  • We send out maturity notice letters twice a year: in November for maturities between January 1 and the following June 30 and in May for maturities between July 1 and the following December 31. As the letters sent in December 2021 were generated for all contracts coming to maturity in 2022, there will be no notices sent out in June.

Important! Please note that there could be some delays with the availability of the documents over the next few weeks.

Procedure to obtain the correspondence table of contract numbers

A table of corresponding contract numbers between the old and the new system is available with our Client Service. You may obtain it by contacting us by phone or by email starting April 20.


Please contact us.

Client Service, Savings