Executive Health Plan review and updated toolbox for representatives

Business Development December 15, 2021

The Executive Health Plan (EHP) is a concept developed by Desjardins Insurance wherein the critical illness insurance (Health Priorities) is jointly held by a company and a shareholder or key employee, who is usually also a shareholder.

Legal and tax aspects review of the Executive Health Plan

We've reviewed the legal and tax aspects regarding EHPs, including our interpretation of the shareholder's taxable benefit that was validated by a recognized law firm.

All marketing materials have been updated to reflect this review and we've made additions including a note about employees who aren't shareholders.

Discover—or rediscover—what's available on our EHP page. You can also contact your regional sales director. They'll be happy to guide you on how to offer this product to your clients.


To take advantage of all the plan benefits, EHP applications must meet the following requirements:

Proposed insured (shareholder or key employee)Business (company)Advantages
Policy owners XXCan jointly hold critical illness insurance
Beneficiary of the critical illness benefitXLimits the company's financial losses if a shareholder or key employee suffers a critical illness
Beneficiary of the death benefit XLimits the company's financial losses in the event of the death of a shareholder or key employee
Beneficiary of the health benefitXPayable to the shareholder or key employee when the company no longer requires critical illness insurance

Tools you can use

Checkout the comprehensive toolbox on our EHP page where you'll find answers to many questions your clients or their legal and tax advisors may have (you must be logged).


  • Brochure specifically designed for your clients
  • Comfort letter tailored to your clients within and outside Quebec
  • EHP checklist
  • Guidelines on critical illness insurance for holding companies
  • Summary of the legal and tax bases

Coming soon!

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Sample shared ownership agreement
  • Critical illness insurance needs analysis (post issue)


A new tab will be added to the EHP concept to account for situations where the employee isn't a shareholder.

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