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Client and Partner Relations May 30, 2022

We want to help you distinguish yourself with a savvy, demanding clientele in a market where the competition is increasingly fierce: the affluent and high-net-worth.

That is why we offer the Prestige Case Service, our premium service for your clients’ substantial insurance applications.


  • Insurance application with an annual premium of $10,000 or more.
  • Multiple insurance applications for the same policyowner, submitted at the same time, for which annual premiums total $10,000 or more.

Key benefits

  • Personalized support from qualified and experienced professionals
  • Priority processing

Your business development expert

This team of professionals, which focuses exclusively on business development, is here to support you with advisory services, growth of your business and contribute to your success.

They leverage their extensive knowledge of the market and the Desjardins Insurance product line to prepare and help you develop strategic approaches that address your clients' needs.

Your relational case managers

This team ensures that your insurance applications that are eligible for Prestige Case Service are quickly processed on a priority basis. They proactively follow up and address any roadblocks along the way to speed your applications through the entire process.

A relational case manager will personally oversee your application until a decision is made by our underwriters and the policy is issued.

Support that enhances your services!

Client and Partner Relations