Assistance services

Your clients and their loved ones have access to complimentary assistance services. These services vary depending on the type of insurance coverage they have. They can use them whether they’re healthy or going trough a more difficult time.

Services offered with all coverages

These services are offered with the Desjardins Insurance individual insurance coverages issued after June 18, 2018.

Health and well-being platform

A unique navigation platform designed in partnership with Novus Health specifically for those insured for life and health insurance with Desjardins Insurance. It contains reliable, validated health information and resources to help them navigate Canada’s public healthcare system and make informed decisions.

The platform also gathers all the assistance services available to your clients based on their insurance policies in-force.

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Phone assistance services

Telephone support is also available and may include the creation of a personalized information guide, depending on the specific needs and medical condition of the client.

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Informative sheet on services offered to our clients