New: Critical Illness Impact Calculator

Business Development November 29, 2021

We're pleased to introduce the new Critical Illness Impact Calculator available in Illustrations tools. This calculator will help you show your clients how a critical illness could have an important impact on their retirement savings.

Do your clients need critical illness insurance?

A critical illness diagnosis can have serious physical, emotional and financial repercussions.

Our Health Priorities coverage can help your clients focus on their recovery without having to worry about their finances. This coverage provides non-taxable benefit that can be used as they see fit. Owners of this coverage can:

  • Replace lost income, or that of a family member providing caring
  • Cover unexpected expenses related to a critical illness
  • Pay for prescription drugs that aren't covered under a public or employer health plan
  • Access the best treatment and care without waiting
  • Protect assets and maintain quality of life

Find out more!

This new concept is available in your Illustration tools. It will demonstrate how a critical illness could impact retirement savings by comparing the following scenarios:

  • An individual in good health, with no insurance
  • An individual in good health, with critical illness insurance - with or without a refund of premiums
  • An individual diagnosed with a covered critical illness, with critical illness insurance
  • An individual diagnosed with a critical illness, with no insurance

The calculator doesn't take current pension plans into account, as this would require comprehensive retirement planning.

With our new Critical Illness Impact Calculator, you'll have everything you need to demonstrate the possible effects of a critical illness on your clients’ financial situation and how they can benefit from Health Priorities coverage.


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